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China free cardboard boxes Manufacturer
Guangzhou Sea Lion Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, has been focused on the production of high-quality portable paper bags, non-woven bags and all kinds of gift boxes, packaging, is a research and development, sales, production in an integrated company . Since Sealion built we have from a small operation of the factory, developed into China's leading printing, paper bags, gift boxes, one of the leading enterprises in the box.
Today, Sea Lion Packaging, LLC is one of the top producers in the packaging industry. We in the non-woven bags, paper bags, paper boxes, gift boxes, shopping bags clothing tag, no matter from the price, quality or that have incomparable advantages.
Our factory is located in Guangzhou, China's commercial capital - Guangzhou. It is a large factory with more than 2000 square meters of workshop area and over 1000 square meters of factory buildings. It is equipped with advanced equipments and automatic flow shop. It is a professional manufacturer of paper bag, gift box, packing box, The value of our factory is to create value for customers around the world, with geeks spiritual production, through the Internet and other media to create a three-dimensional industry model, get rid of intermediate links, is committed to the global Of the suppliers.
Guangzhou Sea Lions Packing Co., Ltd.'s products include Kraft paper bag, black card paper bag, non-woven bag, jewelry box, folding carton, gift box, cosmetic box, perfume box, wooden gift box, leather gift box, paper packing box , Wine box, tea gift box, watch gift box, pen gift box, digital products, gift box, tag.We offer packaging products to customers from large multinationals to small individual companies around the world.
Our products are widely used in clothing, digital, food, chemical and other fields.We have been convinced that successful enterprises have excellent quality, our products through the international ISO9000: 2001 standards and GB / T 2679.1-2013 standards to ISO standards strict control of product quality, ERP-controlled data management, in China more Is to obtain the "famous trademark" of the honorary title.
Sea lion packaging in print, handbags, cosmetics boxes, etc. to subvert the traditional market, and now sea lion packaging design, research and development to invest a lot of money to form the whole industry chain, only for global customers to provide better, low-cost, high-quality Products, we serve customers include the song Leah, China Mobile, woodpeckers, pick up cards, the United States, Little Swan, Kim Ki-99, and so on the strength of businesses.China free cardboard boxes Manufacturer

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