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yek698Posté 13/04/2021 07:50

High efficiency 1.5 KW (2 hp) MPPT solar water pump inverter, input voltage from 250V DC to 350V DC (or single phase AC 220v) to drive three phase 220V AC water pump, automatically adjust the motor speed and the water flow according to the sunlight intensity.
Product Introduction
1.5 KW solar pump VFD with single phase 220v AC output for agricultural irrigation, solar energy and power grid switchable, multiple power supply designed solar AC drive.
Product Specification
Product Details
Technical Features of pv pump inverter:
鈼?Applicable for various motors like IM, PMSM, BLDC etc.
鈼?Use for single-phase 110V/220V and three-phase 220V/380V pumps, power range: 0.75KW-220KW.
鈼?Built-in high-precision MPPT maximum power tracking function, the accuracy reach up to 99%, make use of solar enerygy efficiency;
鈼?Automatic shutdown and restart, fully automatic control, unattended.
鈼?Compatible with solar energy and mains power (generator).
鈼?Optional boost module for small power solar pump inverter,to reduce the number of solar panel and reduce the system cost.
鈼?RS485 real-time remote monitoring system, remote control and monitoring system status.Wholesale SV100 Series Solar Pump Inverter