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yek698Posté 13/04/2021 07:48

1. General Description
The machine is suitable for pharmaceuticals, food, household chemicals, hardware and electrical industries for the packaging of blisters, bottles, vials, pillow packs, toothpaste, ect. It can fold leaflets, open cartons, insert the products and leaflets into cartons, emboss, tuck-in or hot-melt closures and automatically discharge cartons. The machine is equipped with a series of sensors and automatic protective devices to assure the machine runs safely and effectively. It can connect with the Blister Machine, Pillow Packaging Machine, Shrink-Wrapper, etc., to form a Packaging Line. It is the best choice for mass production.
2. Technical Data
3. Machine Features
1.Imported components, electric and pneumatic parts.
2. with protection device for cutter installation to avoid being hurt.
3. Easy operation, machine can be used individually and combined with the packaging line.
Carton packing machine is used for packaging finished goober in cartons
5. Its small, beautiful, stable, economical and convenient.
6.The machine has the alarm indicated system, automatic stop system when the door opening, these system keep safe for maintenance
4. Application:
鈥?This machine is suitable for blister forming capsules, tablets, foods,toys packages and similar articles. etc .

5. Component List
6. Shipment
7. Our clientsCartoning Machine quotation